I don't have a Gevaert G262 but do have a G252 which is a contact paper cold tone developer. G252 is a very soft portrait developer the formula is as follows.
Water 700ml: Metol 3gr: Sodium Sulphite 20gr: Sodium Carbonate 23gr: Bromide 1gr: Water to 1 litre: Dilution 1 to 1 although I prefer 1 part dev to 2 parts water. For warmer tones you can increase the bromide but be careful for you can introduce a green cast with too much bromide.

OD62 is a formula that I picked up from the first box of Oriental Seagull paper that I purchased nearly 20 years ago. I think the OD is an abbreviation of Oriental Developer. The formula is as follows;
Water 700ml: Metal 2.5gr: Sodium Sulphite 50gr: Hydroquinone 12gr: Sodium Carbonate 60gr: Pot bromide 10% sol'n 5ml. water to 1 litre. Dilution 1 part dev to 3 parts water. I prefer 1 part dev to 1 part water. You should get quite warm tones especially with a designated warm tone paper.

I tend to prefer very dilute soft bath in combination with a strong hard bath and find that this gives me excellent control of both shadows and highlights. I have explained my method in the article on two bath development that Sean loaded at the weekend. Using these dilutions I can achieve the richest of blacks after 15 to 30 seconds in the hard bath first, the remainder of the development time is taken in the very dilute soft bath.