Azo in Ansco 130 is very close to amidol, and other glycin developers I've tried can also be interesting as well--some warmer toned--but amidol gives better waterbath control than glycin. Here are Azo prints in two glycin developers, with some discussion to attempt to describe what isn't coming through in the digitized versions--

If you don't have a supply of cheap amidol and want to try to conserve it, I think a good strategy would be to use Ansco 130, and save up the negs that would benefit from waterbath treatment for sessions using amidol. When I'm using amidol, I usually have a combination of contact prints and enlargements to make, so I do the contact prints on Azo first, then add the requisite amounts of KBr and benzotriazole to the solution to use it for enlarging paper. Efke Emaks is a paper that really benefits from amidol. Most other enlarging papers will also look good in amidol, just not much better than they would in something more common like Dektol.