well first off my sympathies to you guys over there i heard it was pretty bad it wasnt too bad here except for the fields (my dads a farmer) but i saw some stuff on the news and in the paper looked prety bad.
sounds like you got some decent camera stores out there you guys have a portes dont you? i used to order from them all the time when i was the head photographer for my highschool year book in '94-'96 i still get most of my chems from em we dont have anything here any more our"camera store" if you wana call it that used to have everthing from film to paper to chemicals al beit a little over priced but good for an emergency now they have a small selection of 35mm color and t-max b&w and the t-max is like $5.60 a roll (glad i bulk roll) but no 120 so i have to order it from adorama so i can use my vigilant 620 of course then i have to trim and sand the spools to make it fit but its better than paying $10-$16 for re-rolled 620 from adorama good to see im not the only iowan shootin film there used to be a lot of us in fort dodge but now theres like a half dozen or so that i am aware of most have moved away or switched to digi. my highschool tore out its darkroom a few years ago witch is sad because i used to live in that room 3 out of 6 periods a day.