Hmmm? They must make chamois leather different ways when they split it. The Kodak chamois is pretty smooth and has a velvet-like feel to it . . . not at all rough textured.

I look forward to tearing into the 4C tomorrow, but it will be in the afternoon as I will be taking my Mom and a couple of her HS classmates (class of '44) out for breakfast at a small town cafe up in the far remote reaches of the county, then drive them around through the mountains and valleys for a couple of hours. This is a ritual that I perform for Mom and her buddies about once every month to 6 weeks, as they can't get around to visit each other like they used to.

Anyhoo, as soon as I get to tearing into that camera I will come back with a report on my success or failure as a Panoram tech. I'll be thinking all along on how to fix the bellows, but that isn't an immediate concern, rather the swing lens mechanism is the first order of business.