No, I am using APHS from Freestyle and that is probably why I am not getting a sharp cutting mask, although I have used it with success before in other masking applications. In the other masking (unsharp, SCEM, and HCEM) applications I usually develop with a fairly dilute Dektol formula 1-30 for unsharp and 1-10 for sharp masking. In those applications I was actually gaining more density then I am using Kodalith A+B developer. So I may on my next attempt revert back to paper developer at a higher concentration. I was just convinced that the A+B developer would gain more density and contrast, but not the case thusfar.

If my tests using paper developer do not give me what I need then I will explore the Kodak material. It is my understanding that Kodak has split the graphics materials off from the photographic materials operation. Thus it may be more difficult for me to get it.