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Is democracy dead in a country of career MP sheep, herded by party whips!
The problem with modern democracy is that it is based on competition, not opinion. Elections are won and lost, polls keep counts as soccer fans keep track of the world cup. So what, you might ask (I would)?

The problem with competition is that it leads to monopoly. Karl Marx said this in relation to business, and I agree with him, and apply this generally. Parties and candidates compete to gain power, and once there struggle to estabilish themselves. Once estabilished, competition has filled its purpose and is abolished. Representative democracy based on competition quickly loses its democratic ideals and becomes an aristocracy.

Take the current U.S. elections, for example: How many people here are aware that presidential candidates David Cobb (Green Party) and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) were arrested on October 9 for attempting to participate in the presidential debate? Not many, I would say, for the 2 parties that have already estabilished themselves in power have kept this very undisclosed.

I say this with a profound ignorance of U.K politics, so take it as a general comment and with a grain of salt.

Also, sorry if I have taken this thread further off topic.