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Yep that sums up the decline of virtually every company here in the UK, when will management learn

When will companies replace "management" with leadership?..EC
When will accountants and their bottom line of profits at all cost, be replaced with management that gives a dam n.

15 years ago i got upset when at the HMO we had an 18 year old receptionist was able to order the medical tests, done by another nurses aide of 18 years, who then diagonosed my sons strep throat. The nurses aide took out an alrready signed perscription slip to take to their in house pharmacy. NO DR< at all. Knowing my son's history, I demanded to see a DR. I was told no, it was not cost effect. After I told off the two 18 year olds, and threatend to turn them into every single medical exam board, and law enforment agency for practicing wihtout a license, I did get to see a DR.

Bit businesses are the same way. Having employees are not cost effective. It is better to outsource and get rid of those in house employees. My hubbies first week at his new job is this week. He was fortunate enough to be picked up permenantely by the new company (IBM). He was put in charge on the IBM side of overseeing the data center move. He has also been told of his long term assignments, and some training he will be doing. Down side to his old company is Dan knows how the whole system runs. He has been in on the meetings where they are going to try and sabotague the whole process. well they do, and it isn't a hardware problem, and it will cost them even more to have IBM fix minor problems. Dan is loving it, each time they (Williams Sonoma) does something stupid to halt the progess, he just smiles and says CA Ching. His old boss asked why he isn't loyal to Williams sonoma just yesterday. Dan replied, "Why, they in the last 2 years have cut out all benefits, taken away my bonus, taken away any more stock options, I say no raises, and effectively lost over @425K a year, then I get laid off because I made too much money, and you want me to be loyal to those who threw me out?" The manager today got news that he is in the next round of lay offs, and his group is not being picked up by any new company. Can we say pay back is a B***h. Long term it is going to cost Williams Sonoma with all the changes they want just from this week, double what they had anticpated, and more than if they had not out sourced.