Yo! Tom! WTF, mate? I think you need to get back on your medication.

Like it or not there is only one Leica. The M camera of whatever vintage you choose fills its niche like none other. Nothing else works like a Leica.

Actually, I think you make a great case for why it costs so much. Limited manufacturing output, high priced labor (elves, actually) and pretty much hand assembled with a cost no object approach to materials and assembly. Leica has long been on the brink of extinction. Nobody's getting rich and nobody's going to.

I'm glad I got mine back when I had the money and you should be glad they don't cost more.

The Leica is the ideal combination of functionality, aesthetics and mechanical engineering. There isn't a single camera in the world that's more fun to actually use.
Only the Leica has a soul!

(I'm going to take my medication, now...)