Hello all, sorry I've been out of touch for a bit. Been intending to post info on what I've figured out by messing with my 4-D. This is my first semester of grad school - and it has been a while since I've worn my school shoes - so I've been feeling like I'm in the center of a tornado. But anyway...

Looks like you've been making a bunch of headway EuGene. Guess you've figured out the screwdriver thing. But just in case anyone is wondering about a small short screwdriver to get at the screws that hold the mechanism in - I found that the one that came with an eyeglass repair kit from the corner drugstore worked well. I filed the head a little to turn the screws and cut the end of the handle off to give more clearance. But it probably wasn't necessary.

My current issue is the shutter firing part doesn't release the lens as it should. There is a part on the spring catch (#74) where it engages with the lever (#70) that catches on the main plate (#65) and prevents firing. This is at the location of the catch (#73). It looks as though this is part of the design of the spring catch (#74) and not a modification, so I'm hesitant to file it off. But it seems to me that by doing so, I would solve the issue. If anyone has any advice (or even knows what all that described) please let me know. I think there is a photo of this part attached if I did it right.

Well, I've got to get back to my reading for tomorrow. I'll check the thread soon.