Hello all,

Just found this place today and I have ato admit it looks fantastic. The site features look unique and I'm hoping the content and users are just as good.

I'm from Sydney in Australia and addicted to film. I started shooting last January with a 400D (some plastic thing) and bought a Canonet 19 with a bottom winder for kicks off eBay. The first roll I shot was enough to get me hooked and here I am about 15 cameras later shooting almost exclusively with film and just delving into MF with a pair of Yashica 124's and most recently (yesterday and still waiting for delivery) a Bronica SQ-Ai kit with 4 lenses and more backs and extras than I care to remember.

I've been looking for a decent analog community and this place looks like it just might be it. Hope to stick around and learn from everyone and maybe some day to repay the favour.