I skipped the other answers so I may be redundant. The F3 pretty much sucks.

I started serious photography with a pair of Nikon F's. I now use Canon EOS and Leica M. Of all the 35mm cameras I've ever owned, the Nikon F3 was the biggest disappointment. I bought an early model and the damn thing would never work properly. It would short out on a foggy day. It could not be used near moisture. It sometimes quit working for no apparent reason. It got sent to Nikon Professional Services multiple times--I don't know what they did with it but it didn't help. I complained to people at NPS so much, they sent me a big box of modified F3's for all the photographers at my newspaper to try out. They were designated "F3P" for "Press". They were very reliable cameras--none of the guys at work could kill any of them after a month of trying. The problem was that Nikon wouldn't modify my F3 like those F3's. They could be bought from NPS for about twice what I paid for an off-the-shelf model. I declined with the advisory to Nikon that it seemed odd that they would build a camera so unreliable the first thing they had to do was modify it on a limited basis and not incorporate the improvements in the standard F3.

So, buy a Nikon F2 if you want the best camera Nikon ever built. Preferably the F2A. If not a Nikon F2, go with a mid-line EOS--they do all the things an F3 was meant to do and more. And they actually work!