Fuji has for years, made a poly. paper called Fuji flex. It is branded as a CA material. It is extremely glossy and slightly more saturated and contrasty than CA type C. Kodak has its own variant called Endura Flex. Kodak's is on par with their Ultra line, again with a bit more contrast and saturation.

Is Fuji Flex the same as what WCI is pushing? I don't know, but sounds like it could be.

Ilford had at one time a paper (as I recall it was paper) called Supergloss that was very similar.

Bmac has a couple images of mine on either Fuji or endura Flex (and jorge is about to receive one). If he is about he could give you an opinion.

I think the Flex material is competitive with a ciba in appearance. It is in my mind and to my eyes the sharpest colour material available. It is easily scratched and looks down right stupid when used with the wrong subject.