Here are two of the pictures of the camera. I have a lens I need to pick up from Jim Galli, and I just won this on ebay.

When I got the camera, the bellows are petrified. It had plate holders, but the new dry type. The lens board is small and flimsy. I would like to get some more substantial lens boards made. The finish in the pics looks better than it is in person. I will strip it and refinish it with plenty of polyurethane on the back part where the wet stuff will drip. The GG will be replaced as soon as I measure and send off to Sat Snow.

There is also a 5x7 reducing back included with it. It definately needs some work.

I was thinking of sending it to Star Camera after I get it stripped to have them modify the back to accept wet plate holders. I also need to get some good wet plate holders.

If I am satisfied with the results once I get going, I will graduate up to a 11x14 camera. I just plan on getting it from Jim Chinn. His are very light weight.

Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.