Wow, this was a great welcome from you all. Thanks everyone! I'm already feeling at home.

Since I made this original post, I've bought a Canon A-1 on eBay with 3 lenses and autowinder and .. some other stuff for dirt cheep on a Buy-it-now with best offer. Best offer prevailed. Man, I am surprized sometimes at the responses I get with best offers. I really undercut this listing, and I got it first thing in the AM. But some other best offer's I've done were met with great resistence and they weren't really that far below the asking price. Oh well, I wanted a good deal and something to get me started. Like I said earlier, I've got darkroom equipment, etc. for 35mm already so.. that's my first step back into the analog world. I'll save up my money now and get me a Hasselblad kit.

Man I saw a Hasselblad kit the other day that was too good to be true. It was two bodies, I think a 500cm and 500elx, 4 or 5 film backs, 3 or 4 lenses, waist level finder, prism finder, recharger for the 500elx, filters, and I'm sure I'm leaving out some stuff.. oh yeah a flash and gun, for some low low price of $1700 or so. It got snapped up though, so if you find that price too good to be true, it was priced so low it sold quickly.