How do those of you who shoot LF color transparency film store and protect your processed films? Do you use PrintFile or similar storage sleeves? Are there any options that yield more attractive presentation of the film and still provide protection on par with the utilitarian but ugly PrintFile sleeves?

I'd like to be able to protect my 8x10 transparencies in sleeves or protective mounts to keep them dust and fingerprint free. I'd like to be able to view them on a light box without having to remove them from the sleeve. Are there any sleeves that are clear enough for this, or is it better to remove the film from the sleeve for viewing?

I've just started shooting 8x10 transparency film within the past week, and I've exposed and processed ten sheets so far. These were all test shots, so I haven't been too concerned about keeping them clean, but I've observed that fingerprints, dust, and even emulsion damage can accumulate quickly on unprotected film. I don't want such damage to occur with my non-test images.