I tried both B&H and Calumet and neither carries ortho lith film any longer. I think that it is because the great yellow giant decided that photographers were not buying enough lith film and consequently splitting that portion of their business off from the photo division. I have encountered this sometime in the past and I will need to do research on another source of supply. I imagine a graphics materials distributor would probably be able to supply it (with the token 100 box order, probably).

I would hope that the APHS material would be able to develop enough contrast to be either full density or no density, if the correct developer could be determined. Les McClean sent me a formula for A&B developer that I need to try as may be something different then the old batch of Kodalith A+B that I had from years ago. Mine was sealed in the original unopened package so I doubt that it was compromised in any way.

The APHS material is a ortho lith half tone film. I don't know whether the old Kodalith was a so called half tone film or not. I am not well enough versed on graphics materials to know. Anyway the search for the holy grail continues.

By the way, Jorge, how much sheet film will they allow across the border? The limit that I have seen is 30 rolls but wondered how strict they were on checking the amounts at the border.