Consider that some very good Japanese models can be had for a song. Look at the Horsemans and the Rittrecks. They are not Linhofs but they are well made.

I used to think that crown/speed graphics were good for starters, but... IMHO the prices are getting a bit silly for what you get. And for architecture, neither is a good choice: you will want lots of shift and possibly the ability to use bag bellows, and if you do get a field camera, you will probably want to be able to drop the bed appreciably. On these points, my little horseman kicked my crown graphic all over the place.

Maybe the best starters overall will be the cambos. Very robust, inexpensive.... lots of accessories floating around.... By the way, even when shooting 4x5 or 5x7, I still prefer to use a big-ass 8x10 cambo. I prefer to compose on the big ground glass. But man oh man that 8x10 cambo is heavy! Anyway you will see a number of these going for a song on the bay, with 4x5 reducing backs. I've had no need for bag bellows [yet] with mine, you can reverse the standards and fold up the bellows and voila, no problem shooting just about any focal length.

The cambos are kind of like the rb67 of large format. Basically indestructible, inexpensive and lots and lots of good kit on the used market. Eventually you may covet a sinar or similar, but the simplicity of the cambos can be quite refreshing. And did I mention they are indestructible?! Which means a used one is likely to be perfectly good.