negs and contacts are stored in 3 ring binders by subject or client. I use Jason's method of equipment storage along with a garage sale dresser. Back when in Detroit I used large rubbermaid or similar storage bins. Digital files are held on hdds that are mirrored and backed-up (quad redundancy). Current work is held on stripped/mirrored drive set (fast and redundant, labeled working), back-ups are to a mirrored drive (redundant only). Work which is not in development, but needs to be available is held on a mirrored drive set (redundant only labeled ongoing) and backed-up to another mirrored set. HDD are so cheap its silly not to have everything protected. As my back-up fills up I migrate the ongoing or working drives to the back-up blob of disks and replace them with new hdds. Or at least that is the plan, I've yet to run out of space since implementing it. The hole I have in my system is that old stuff resides only on back-up.