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Much better for the entire process, from conceiving the image to the print on the wall, to be one. The image determines the process and the process determines the image. Just from the short video and his explanation, it seems he has struck a balence between the two.
Of course, that is ideal. But - and we may disagree on this - for me a photograph must be, at least provisionally, be able to stand on its own. That is, before you tell me whether it is an in camera Ilfochrome, or a platinum print or a Canon 1Ds thingamagig printed at Costco, the photograph on its own must grab me. The process should contribute to that interestingness and of course it has some value in itself. (a) A platinum print produces a look which a DSLR can't quite get, and (b) I also value the craftsmanship involved.

But my point about his work was that it is so severely limited by the logistics of the image-making - literally being able to park a truck wherever you want to make an image, taking way too much time to set up the shot regardless of the light etc - that it might start to become all (b) with very little (a). Of course I can't comment on the quality of his prints looking at the video, but I sure hope the prints have more than a novelty factor of the process involved.

Feel free to disagree . But of course, I do appreciate his dedication and meticulousness.