I don't shoot a lot of 8x10 transparencies any more. I get the urge to shoot color every few years and then it quickly passes.

When I have shoot them, I just store them in an interleaving folder and negative envolope just like I would a negative. I'm not a fan of the Printfile sleeves for any size films (just my opinion your experience may be different). The thought of the sleeve sliding on the surface of the film to remove the film and to insert it into the sleeve everytime you need to print it just "rubs" me the wrong way. Many people use them and have no problems with them, I just don't like the idea of a page touching the film the whole time its moving in or out of the sleeve.

You might try the fold and lock type of sleeve from Light Impressions. This would keep the film secure and yet open fully to allow removal without the film sliding like the printfile system.