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How much benzatriazole powder should I add to my HC 110? I used to know but haven't done it in a long time. I did it to get an additional stop of shadow detail. I use working solution B and HP5+. Should I add the benzatriazole to the stock solution or the working solution?
-IC Martin (Ian Martin, the new one, not the Ian Martin who joined the formum before me...)
Ian Martin The Younger,
I've not used any form of HC 110 but do regularly us a variant of Dektol (D-73) with an additional 10 mL of a 2% solution of Benzotriazol. I have not altered the amount of Potassium Bromide I usually use. I add the Benzo as the last additive in preparing the stock solution and dilute a portion of the Stock to 1+2 as a Working solution.

As Benzotriazole is difficult to dissolve in water I use Isopropyl Alcohol (99% pure) and find no problem in its' dissolving.

I do feel the 'de-fogging' of shadows to allow greater definition but I wouldn't say there is a full stop difference.