My wife, Paula Chamlee, and I got to Chicago, a city we have been commissioned to photograph, and on September 24 our van was broken into and my lenses were stolen. Fortunately, Paula's lenses were in the car our assistant was driving out and he had not yet arrived.

The lenses and lens shades, filters, Pentax 1 degree light meter, etc., were in an older Tamrac backpack.

Here is a list of the stolen lenses. If anyone sees any of these things, please notify me immediately. My email address is at

35" Red Dot Artar in Ilex #5 shutter serial number 812262
30" Red Dot Artar in Ilex #5 shutter serial number 791676
24" Red Dot Artar in Alphax shutter serial number 829585
16.5" Goerz Dagor in Ilex #5 shutter serial number 755927 or no number. We had one lens where the serial number was painted out and this could have been it.
14" Goerz Dagor or Goerz Double Anastigmat in a Compound Shutter serial number 915881 (I am not sure if it was a Dagor or Double Anastigmat—(I don't pay close attention to equipment). This is a very old uncoated lens and was the only 14" Goerz lens that covers 8x20.

Reward offered. Many thanks.

Michael A. Smith