Hi Folks,

Thanks for the words of encouragement. This is all very exciting! I really glad my friend Michelle nudged me to be a last minute exhibitor - literally the last day of registration - I missed all the juried stuff, but that's OK. Spill over attendance from the nearby Downtown AIR Site is expected to be around 400 people on Friday and 1000 people on Saturday & Sunday! Whoa ... Jimmy, the owner of Roberto's is excited too, as he will be the only stop on the walking tour that sells any food!

It all came together yesterday when the Neilson Bainbridge frames from Texas arrived, 8 ply pre-cut mats from Ohio (I think), 11x14 Lambda prints from NYC were dropped off, postcards from Wal-Mart were picked up, Home Depot had all the materials I needed to make some street signage / sign boards, and the alignment of several celestial bodies occured (plus a little known cactus in Death Valley flowered). By 5pm yesterday, I was done. What was everyone worried about?

Visited the other photographers showing in the Hamden AIR Site - more than half of them didn't even show up for last night's hanging! I though I was bad. Also 2 dropped out, so a couple had more space to use. Plus a new photographer will be showing in a church gallery as a post-last minute entry. She signed up on Monday! It's all good.

So, if you're in the area, make it a day trip. Visit some great art in several galleries and venues. I'll post web images some where - not sure yet.

Regards, Art. (BTW Sunday's times are from 12 noon to 8pm)