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If you are ever up in SJ, let me know. I have a 6x7 enlarger that would be yours for the asking. And not crap either. Beseler 67S with Dicro head and two mixing boxes. A couple of negative holders. I could find some sort of funky lens for it. Just taking up space.
Wow! That's quite an offer! I bought a dirt cheep Beseler Photomaker 35. It's only got a 35mm carrier, and upon a way more detailed look at it tonight I found that it's missing things that the manual says should be there. However, the head seems to be light-tight. Also, the knob that tightens or loosens the head on the vertical path doesn't tighten all the way. It is possible to accidentally (through vibration or otherwise) alter the settings without much effort. I haven't tried sneezing on it yet, but maybe that too will cause movement :rolleyes: So.. San Jose eh? My Subaru's got 165k miles on it now. The last two.. err three months, I've had some big expenses on it. $650 tuneup, $750 replace waterpump and timing belt, alternator and solve coolant leak/high temp problem (I did that one cuz I had to, cuz I was broke). I don't know if I trust this car just yet. Haven't driven it enough to know cuz I'm biking to work 4-5 days a week still. But hey, it's only a 3.5 hour drive eh, and there's civilization along the entire route.. so.. I'll be thinking about your offer!

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Probably lend you something to get your interest whetted. A C3 with a 135 lens on it. Heavy as hell, takes nice pictures.
Oh man, another nice offer. I had a Mamiya C330 in my youth. It took nice photos. My favorite one I took was of my neighbors specimen Ash tree in her front yard. 6 x 6 square enlargement on that. The tree filled the frame top and sides with a dichondra lawn in that depth of field thing going on, blurry up close fading to sharp focus. Very nice shot. still have it in my mind like yesterday.

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Just don't ask to see the Deardorff. I wouldn't do that to you.
Okay.. you got my curiousity going. What's that?

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Welcome, pay the 25 bucks (or whatever it costs this year), it's worth it.

tim in san jose
Ehh.. more like $50 tank for the ride up and another $50 back home, but I haven't been for a road trip for a while. Last road trip was up Highway 1 and turning around about 5 or 10 miles before Big Sur. Man I love that ride! There are some mighty good spots all up and down the coast there for the most awesome photos.