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Anyone else suffer from fear of heights? What a cruddy malady to plague a photographer.
So many lost shots when vertigo sets in and I'm about to be pitched into the void.Dang!!
Sadly, yes :-(. Although I'd refine my phobia slightly to be 'fear of falling' rather than fear of heights as such - I could be 5,000 feet up on a cliff edge and I'd be fine if there was a railing at waist height. (Hell, I used to fly gliders and never had a problem.)

I think my worst episode to date was on a walking trip in Iceland with RB67 over shoulder. Came up to a horrifically narrow ledge going around a corner with about a 600 foot drop into the bottom of the valley. On the outward trip I coped because I couldn't actually see around the corner how far I had to go - on the way back though I knew exactly how far it was going to take me and wound up having a full blown panic attack, with me on the ground clinging onto the Earth for dear life.

To add insult to injury, I later saw a bunch of kids on a pony treck succesfully navigating the same ledge on horseback. Sigh.