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When I first saw an 11X14 contact print made by Brett Weston almost twenty years ago, I was "put off" by the empty blacks.

How do others feel about the relative merits of Brett Weston and Ansel Adams as photographers? Have you experienced an equivalent refinement of your sensibilities?

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.
Are you sure that the print you saw was a contact print? He made enlargements too, you know, especially in his later years. I've a friend who has an 11 x 14 enlargement of Garapata Beach which I think is a bad print - full of the blocked shadows you mention. The midtones are dull with no local contrast. However, on the wall opposite it there hangs a Holland Canal which is exquisite beyond words. I've never seen a finer print.

I think Adams began to "play to an audience" after about 1940 and Weston listened only to his own inner critic until he died. As Aperture's obituary on Brett Weston put it:

"Brett, like his prints, was an uncompromising and uncompromised original from start to finish."