my schedule in the coming few weeks is looking heavier, so I shot off the mark this time.

Made backer cards and addressed them yesterday at lunch, just after the adress pm message arrived.

Printed on old FB paper - nothing new on that for me.

Cut the paper down to size after work, and printed and processed in batches of 8, taking a short break to join the family for dinner. Last 8 processed after dinner, then left all the card photos rocking in the print washer while we went out shopping for a bit. Bought stamps as part of the trip.

Once back home, I got the kids to bed, then fished the basket out of the washer, squeegeed the back with the face against a ferrotype sheet to get the worst of the water off, them placed them into a blotter roll.

My little guy got up around 4:30 this morning to go to the bathroom, and I got up to give him a hand. I'll do anything to get him clear of pull up diapers and into underwear for overnight sleeping all the time, because then the nappie money will become photography money.

So while I was up I unloaded the blotter roll onto screens to accelerate the drying, and fished out the dry mount tissue and dry mount tacking iron and press to be ready for later. Back to bed until the alarm went off.

After mom was out the door to work, and the kids ready to go to school, I dry mounted the backer card to the prints. The curl in the old FB was wicked.

At lunch, trimmed the cards, applied stamps, and walked them to the post box in front of the office.