I am an archaeologist and take several thousand air photographs each year. I have been trying to move from 35mm to MF to get greater detail. I have tried using my RB67, but find it too cumbersome to use and re-load quickly in the very cramped space of a light aircraft cockpit. I have been thinking of getting a Pentax 67II which has more of the handling style of a 35mm SLR + AE, albeit aperture, rather than shutter priority. Does anyone with experience with this camera have comments on its handling, lens quality and likely suitability for this role? Also, does anyone know of a 400 speed 220 B&W film other than Tri-X? I have been using HP5 Plus, but am close to the end of the freezer full I bought when it was discontinued in 220. Changing film is difficult in the air even with 35mm and I really want to avoid having to change every 10 frames as I would have to with 120. We have to use true silver, rather than C41 films, for archival permanence.