I'm not familiar with Brett W's work, but am enjoying these threads! As for AA, I would say that in terms of complete photographers, he has been very much surpased. However, this is not fair as it ignores where he was on the developmental curve of landscape photography. You cannot say a Ford Focus is better than a Model T....In terms of his influence...well thats another subject. I think AA had great influce on the greats still alive who have more artistic flair, but also stunning technical skill. I think AA showed what could be done from a technical perspective. It would be worth me pointing out that I am a biology graduate. For me the natural world will always be hugely inspiring and moving, Therefore even great images like Edward Weston's peppers do not make the grade for me. Incredible light, sensual, but at the end of the day it is 'just art'. This may seem a ridiculous statement, but we are all made differently. I would however like to have been standing where AA was many times, taking in the scents, listening to the wind.....generally being in awe of what I was part of......getting cold!