This is just a reminder to everyone that if you see spam, particularly if it is posted in the middle of an otherwise legitimate thread, you should use the "Report Post" button to alert the moderators.

Lately we've been getting spam like this which may have some nonsense text to fool search engines, or the post may be some vague sentence like "That's really interesting!" with a link to a site that sells electronic gadgets or even pornography, and in the worst case we were just hit with spam that actually included pornographic images in the post.

If you see anything of this nature and report it, an email goes out to all the moderators and to Sean, and as long as one of us is online (we're in four international time zones, so there is usually someone online), we can quickly ban the spammer and delete all spam posts, once we know the spammer's ID. If they've posted multiple spam posts, you don't need to report them all. We just need one. We can often catch and eliminate spam this way within five minutes of its appearance, but don't count on someone else reporting it. The sooner it is caught, the better, particularly if APUG is being used as a vehicle for pornography.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping to keep APUG spam free!