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I just received, as a gift, an autographed copy of the Aperture monograph of "Brett Weston Photographs of Fifty Years".
Congratulations, this is a great gift!

FYI, this is a pretty collectible book, especially since it's signed. I have a pretty extensive photography book collection (500+ books), so I know what I'm saying. I have about 10 copies of the book, with 6-7 being signed. Be sure to take care of the book. Keep it out of direct sunlight or buy a UV protective cover for it. Careful when you turn the pages so you don't bend any. Don't let it sit on the book shelf as the binding may dry out and crack, take it out every once in a while and go thru the pages. If you live in a real humid environment, take steps to protect it from moisture. Store the book upright, not lying flat. If the book has the dustcover, buy something to protect it (like a UV blocking cover).

Hang onto the book, not just for it's aesthetic value, but because it will appreciate in value over time.