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I've found the sticking point in making a camera isn't in the woodworking, but in the various small bits required to allow movements and the ability to fold. For that you'll find yourself getting interested in acquiring machine tools and finding less and less time for making photographs.
Will has an excellent point which bears repeating - geting absorbed in building your own camera takes away from the time that can be spent photographing. I was warned of this too by an eminent photographer when I was contemplating building my own. I'm glad I took the advice. I'm sure I would have spent the last year building rather than photographing. I'll add just another little point - I'm not a novice at making things from wood or metal; I'm well experienced, have made a living doing it. Point is, given my relative level of proficiency in making things, I'm glad I didn't make my own. Maybe I'll save it for an 8x20.

One other point; machine tools are nice but not necessary. Given their expense, it becomes hard to justify their purchase just for one project. One can make all of the necessary metal parts from brass which can be shaped quite accurately with simple hand tools. If you need round knobs, they can be turned using an electric drill and files. Same goes with the wood; the pieces are small enough that one is almost better off using hand tools. And, oh yes, you can be as accurate by hand as you can be by machine for as accurate as this stuff needs to be.