Hello everybody,

I recently joined up after recently buying a used Mamiya RZ67 pro ii. To top it all off I recently moved to Belgrade in Serbia (from the UK) where I shall soon start to find decent shops stocking film.

I've been using Nikon DSLR's for the last few years and an Olympus c5050 prior to that. However, my very first real camera was a Practika LTL50 which I had great fun with.

I decided to take 'step back' with my photography as I feel the move back to film will help my photography overall.

I've never used a serious medium format camera before and just loaded my first roll of film into the Mamiya. Can't wait to get out and have a play.

I have however recently (there's that word again) tinkered with a Holga which was, well, a blast to be honest. Waiting for the film to be developed was a real pleasure - not knowing how it would all turn out, and actually having to wait! Fortunately it wasn't too bad.

Next step is to try my hand at a bit of film processing.