Hello dear APUG Forum,

I just joined up today, my name is Snoopy and I live in Munich, Germany. I am what they refer to as a "dedicated amateur" I guess, I have been doing photography for more than twenty-five years, I started when I was 16 and I am now 42...shame Im not better :-) ...

Back at school at 16 I was photographer for the dreaded yearbooks and had a b/w darkroom with my friend Lance, who is still my friend to this day of course and we are both members of the AGFA Photo Club in Munich. We also dabbled in some home colour processing but soon went back to b/w, we kind of like the classic look and feel of b/w more.

I run my own b/w darkroom and use Minolta gear for my cameras, still an old XD-7 (XD-11 as its known in the US), recently went autofocus with two Dynax 9s and still have a little Dynax 5, one 505Si super etc. They kind of grow on you. :-)

Im an old fashioned person so I only do digital by scanning in negatives for now as I am not yet convinced of digital cameras so I am happy to find a digital-free zone for a change.

Some of you might know me from the pure-silver mailing list and the Minolta list on yahoo.com.