I just finished "restoring" the finish on my 8x10 Deardorff. I've still got a little bit of fine tuning to do, but I am totally shocked to see what it looks like now, compared to what it looked like before.

A little background....
My Dorff was a user, it looked like the previous owner didnt have a proper case for it either, as it had pretty substantial scratches in the surface. The bellows ended up self destructing after I used it for a while, so I removed it and ordered a new one. While I had it apart, I thought I might as well spruce up the finish.

Home Depot sell a product called "Howard Restore a Finish" It promised a lot on the can, I bought it and figured it couldn't make it any worse.

I AM IN UTTER SHOCK. After 20 minutes of work, 90% of the finish looks good as new, heck, maybe even better than new. I need to do a little fine tuning, and then apply the wax finish to complete the job, but boy am I shocked! I wish I had before and after shots to so y'all.