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The company which distributes the Agfa products in Ireland are no longer importing them. You will have to get them online now. I get my Rodinal and Rodinal Special from www.macodirect.de

Thanks for that Peter. Another supplier website now added to my "bookmarks" Looking at the info on Special, it seems to say that Special and Studional are one and the same but Studional is the more economical buy if you need large quantities which is what Silverprint seemed to be saying somewhat indirectly and others have said.

Still leaves the question of how two names arose for essentially the same product. A bit like calling 1 litre of ID11 by one name and the 5 litre pack by another. We'd think Harman/Ilford crazy if they did that but there may be some perfectly normal explanation as to how it arose in Agfa's case.

Just curious as to how it came about. Anyone know or is it like the " Marie Celeste" of Agfa, that is a strange situation for which it is now impossible to provide an explanation because the explanation is lost in the mists of time?