I'm Håkon and I am a recovering analoguist.

Shot a lot of 35 mmfilm in the bad old days, but never did any developing on my own. I did however scan a lot of it and "developed" digitally before going totally digital with the Nikon D70. Fast forward to this summer, after getting acquainted with lots of analogue photographers in the local camera club, my curiosity (and the low, low prices on analogue equipment) got the best of me and I purchased my first medium format camera. I'm about 25 rolls into it and finally got around to developing my first roll of b&w today.

Thanks to Jason Brunner for his entertaining and educational videos on youtube for great help with this. Through them I also found this site (although I had heard about it before) and joined today.

I currently have a Rolleiflex 6008 integral with the standard 80mm f2.8 lens.
I also recently purchased a Leica IIIf at a camera club auction, but I have yet to put film through it.

I also shoot digital with Nikon equipment, currently the D700 and various lenses.

I subscribe to the theory that the interesting things happen at the edges.
So my pictures tend to happen at f1.4 or f16.

Still a long way to go to find the edges in the medium format world.

Looking forward to the apug experience.

Best regards,