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I 've been playing with Nelson gold toner and Ilford Warmtone FB paper. I know it's a PITA--10 minutes at 110 degrees F with constant agitation gets old. But I absolutely love the way the prints look. After I started using the toner, I read that this was part of Paul Strand's normal process. Maybe I'm onto something here.

I've bought up a wide selection of warm tone papers to try out. I've never used any of them before so it's all new to me. Has anyone here used any of these warmtone variable contrast papers with with Nelson gold: Bergger (both the ivory and the regular base), Cachet, Forte (ivory and regular), Flexicon and Oriental?

If you have any experience with these papers in Nelson gold, give me some opinions. My print developers are Dektol and LPD. The LPD is usually diluted 1:4 or 1:3.
I've used Nelson Gold Toner with LPD wil Ilford MG and MG warmtone. It can yield tones that are quite nice (not a good description). I think it adds depth to your prints and a warm sepia tone that is unique. The key is experiment. I've only used it hot but don't heat it in a microwave, if you do the toner will never work again. I learned this the hard way.

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