Ditto what David said.

Do they still make Kodachrome in 120 rolls? I don't think so. I brought this idea up with the assumption that every participant would shoot 35mm.

Terry, I hear ya. Suck it up though and if you love Kodachrome, you'll set it free!

Looks like there may be a decent particpant list. OK keep signing up here and I will organize. How about we have to the end of October to sign up and I will make up the groups.

So far I have:
  1. gr82bart
  2. David A. Goldfarb
  3. MattKing
  4. Iwagoshi
  5. geoferrell
  6. bdial
  7. kodachrome64
  8. SteveSmith
  9. reelis67
  10. Kraker
  11. Ken Nadvornick
  12. Stan160

Also, I will call Dwayne's tomorrow and tell them about this exchange and see if they're willing to give us a discount or something on processing.

Regards, Art.