I don't favour a German language group (forum?) at all.

Apug to me is an international forum yielding views, concepts etc. much more divergent than a regional forum could offer. And a German language based forum will be something regional in this meaning, to my understanding.

Nonetheless I got my difficulties with the current Apug due to the US-dominance. But let's rather bring in other aspects than segregate.
Yes, there is that language problem. Something giving me a daily headache. But that's the price for the benefit of an international forum.

For those who want to regionalize (proper English?), there are German language forums already (eg. `aphog.deŽ). Rather use them than splitting Apug more. And by this weakening its appearance.

I must admit though that I'm not that consistant in my very own behaviour as sometimes you will find me in the Dutch language forum posting in Dutch...
However, to my understanding there is no similar Dutch forum outside Apug.

Following this argumentation one could see Apug as a base for those regions where a local forum could not be established. But then again that would weaken the Apug appearance.