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I fear (a big word) that regional subgroups would not only discuss very local topics, which would be ok, but also would keep themselves off the `majorī group making a parallel forum.
Why should they do so? I myself would in fact post in two or more languages to discuss about the same thing and get different points of view from different countries and cultures.

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The appearance of Apug, as I put it, could be changed in a way that it rather becomes a bundle of groups doing their own discussions. Instead of what it currently is: a Forum of people from all (read: many) parts of the world bringing in their different expertise an curiosity on different topics.
Am I the only one who finds that there is no reason for your Apugophobia? Do you really believe that all these forum members that don't speak a word of german/french/dutch/sanskrit or whatever would suddenly jump into the "local" german forum, lock the door and throw away the key?

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There is that language barrier, and a subgroup of its own language would not neccessarily make members of that group post in English. Rather the opposite.
As I said, many people will post in different languages. If they speak that language. "US domination" that you dislike will keep the english language forum alive.

Look at the small Leica forum:


German and english in one forum, and it works fine though it is a very small forum only.