When I first started shooting 120, I have to say it took me a while to get the hang on the very different feel of the package compared to 135.

One thing I like, is the discarded "fishbone", the 120 plastic roll spool.
Ofcourse one will keep a couple as spares so to be able to load the backs with fresh film, but being a new guy into this whole medium format business, it felt... well, strange to throw away a perfectly nice 120 spool.
I mean they are so cute!

Ahem. Anyway.
So, what to do with them?
I have now a whole bag of them and keep filling it up as I shoot. One day it will overflow and I will need to find a bigger one and then a bigger one, until I need a storage space for them! I will choke on plastic 120 spools!

The only uses I have think of are:
- Pet toy. My cat loves the spool tied to a cord.
- Necklace. String 'em together for a post-modern neo-hippy statement that "film ain't dead you digital pussies!"
- Roll them on the floor and enjoy as people trip on them. Good for escaping the cops after a bank heist.
- Fodder for hand catapult. I haven't tried it so the aerodynamics of the plastic spool could be bad. Could be useful as a weapon during a riot or a football game.
- Material for a sculptural art piece

What else?