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But it is not so in itself. I fear, we germans have a typical culture of discourse which we will, as a whole, carry with us wherever we go. The "english" forums may be more civilized as they are affected by a more anglo-saxon serenity which rubbs off even to germans. Make a german forum inside apug and you will have the same bickering as in a certain german forum right now.
A german forum in apug will not make our style of discussion more civilized we can only learn to civilize ourself wherever we are. We should try that in that certain german forum. It's worth it.

just my 2


PS: leo.org did help in writing this in english
As I wrote before, it is not only a matter of users but also of moderators. There are forum rambos in all languages, but a good moderator tames them.

Well, and I know one forum where the opposite is done. Sometimes it's not the guests but the pub owner that fails.