OK, looking at my spreadsheet, I have now rearranged the groupings as follows. I tried to group things so that everybody will receive a print from somebody new. Please PM the members of your group. Thank you for participating.

Group 1

Monty - Zebra (E)
Lillian - sly (I)
Rich - Rich UllSmith (I)
Heather - Akki14 (I)
Martin - querlicht (I)

Group 2

Phill - philldresser (I)
Cara - Cara (I)
Art - gr82bart (B)
Jeff - jbannow (B)
Anupam - Anupam Basu (I)

Group 3

Carl - CarlRadford (I)
Anke - Anke Drewitz (I)
Mario - mario (I)
Diane - colrehogan (I)
Fred - FredW (E)