A good side on Nikons is "Photography in Malaysia" lots of infos, like instructions.
I use a Nikon F3 with MD 4 motordrive combined with 85 or 135 lenses, I like the almost spot like metering with 80% centered in the 12 mm. Used in manuell mode only, the display is hard see in low light and trying to find and press the light button for the display is a pain in the ...So some nights I switched back to an F2AS with bright red LEDs inside.
If I compare the F3 to an Contax RTS III or Leica R8 it is a rather simple camera and if you work in manual mode you will like it, if you want more gadgets it is NOT the camera for you. For me it is fine, but I also work with 1957 Leica M3s with Leicameter or Gossen Variosix.