Depends what you're after. I generally turn up late (2pm ish) & it seems some sellers are already starting to pack up then. So I may be missing the best of it. Having said that the offerings are quite patchy. I've been 3 or 4 times & it's mostly the same people selling the same stuff. I haven't made any good scores, just the odd useful bits & pieces.

The best thing I got was the William Allard book for $5. I'd never heard of him before & the book is a gem. Has lots of his National Geographic work along with a thorough explanation of his approach to documentary photography. I've also picked up a cheap bulk loader & at the last one I got a Canon 3000 at a good price to give to my niece who is learning photography.

I'd say there is approx 20 tables, a couple seem to specialise in Leica & Hasselblad stuff, some are 35mm SLRs & a few mostly have all sorts of filters. If you are after some specific things you can walk around & ask & generally the sellers are pretty helpful. They'll refer you to the right person & there's a chance of setting something up for later if they don't have it there. I'll probably turn up to this one. I'm looking for a portrait lens for my Crown Graphic (210mm ish) & a narrow tip cable release.