Wow! I just got a screwdriver that is perfect for reaching up into the Panoram (or tight spots on other things) without having to reach up in there with thumb and forefinger to turn a tiny screwdriver. I got on FleaBay, hit the Advanced Search button, and typed in "right angle screwdriver".

The thing came up with several ratchet types and a couple of those Z-shaped "bent" screwdrivers, then I spotted something that looked like a ordinary screwdriver with a black ball on the end. Well, I bought one, and just got it in today.

That ball on the end contains a pair of bevel gears that drive a standard 1/4" hex bit socket in a 1:1 ratio approx. 90 degrees from the direction of the screwdriver handle & shaft. The socket is magnetic to hold the bit in place. The tool comes with 2 phillips & 2 slotted bits, and the small slotted bit was a perfect fit on those 4 screws inside my 4C practice camera.

I played with it with fanatical glee, taking out and putting back those screws several times, then used it to open up and CLA two Packard shutters . . . of course the 4 screws holding them together are right out in the open, but that didn't matter. Watch out camera world, a fiend has been unleashed!