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OK, somebody lay out the details of how this all works for me, please.
Hi Michael,

I keep forgetting that not everyone understands how a group exchange works. Here goes ....
  1. I asks people to to participate in a group exchange
  2. People sign up in this thread by October 31
  3. People shoot Kodachrome and get it developed
  4. I place people into groups of 5 or 6 people
  5. Participants in each group send a private message (PM) to each other their real names and mailing address
  6. Participants in each group mail each other member of their group a slide (or two) by November 30
  7. Everyone enjoys the slides they recieve from other members of their group
  8. Everyone post messages in this thread how exciting and wonderful the slides they recieve are abd that we should do this again
  9. It's Christmas!
Hope that explains.

Regards, Art.