I think age may be a factor as well. While in college (long ago) I was fortunate to have an apprentice job as a wire lather. We placed and wired re-bar before the concrete was poured on high-rises being built in lower Manhattan. Back in the 60's it was great pay, hard work and I thought nothing of walking a narrow, plywood form 200 ft. in the air. Now.. well just this past week I was painting the trim on my daughter and son-in-law's house and some of the trim was a good 25' up and one strip required my climbing on the roof of the attached garage. The only way I would consider it was tossing a rope over the roof and tying it off to a fence post for some stability while up there. The sphincter factor was 9.0 end bumped to 9.5 while trying to get back on the ladder to come down.