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Wow! I just got a screwdriver that is perfect for reaching up into the Panoram (or tight spots on other things) without having to reach up in there with thumb and forefinger to turn a tiny screwdriver. I got on FleaBay, hit the Advanced Search button, and typed in "right angle screwdriver".

The thing came up with several ratchet types and a couple of those Z-shaped "bent" screwdrivers, then I spotted something that looked like a ordinary screwdriver with a black ball on the end. Well, I bought one, and just got it in today.

That ball on the end contains a pair of bevel gears that drive a standard 1/4" hex bit socket in a 1:1 ratio approx. 90 degrees from the direction of the screwdriver handle & shaft. The socket is magnetic to hold the bit in place. The tool comes with 2 phillips & 2 slotted bits, and the small slotted bit was a perfect fit on those 4 screws inside my 4C practice camera.

I played with it with fanatical glee, taking out and putting back those screws several times, then used it to open up and CLA two Packard shutters . . . of course the 4 screws holding them together are right out in the open, but that didn't matter. Watch out camera world, a fiend has been unleashed!

Sounds like you are having fun with your new toy (screwdriver). If you are careful in disassembling your "practice camera" you will have another useful camera if and when you get it back together. I have been trying to get a Panoram camera in any size, but I have been out of town and have missed out on a few on fleabay. There is presently a #5 Cirkut available, but I have a feeling that it will go for a dear price that I will not be able to match. Five inch aerial film is still available, hard to find, but it is out there. You could also slit it and use it in your #4 Panoram. Good luck in your endeavor with this camera project.